The Advanced GO2Bot:

  1. Donate or buy a subscription to Speed Development and keep the basic bot FREE
    The speed of new features can go faster if there are donations.
    All donations go directly to the development team for new features.
    Donations are accepted via Paypal
  2. Description

    The Advanced GO2Bot is the most stable and fastest way to manage your GO2 Account. Running the bot will allow you to enjoy the game without the tedious and repeditive nature of some game tasks.

    You can run as many free bots on as many computers as you want. Buying a license gives you the ability to register up to 5 accounts and use them on any computer. Most players use a mixture of licensed Pro or Deluxe bots for main accounts and free bots for alts.

  3. Safety

    The bot logic works exactly like a person does to click and interact with the game. The bot does not send any of your private login details anywhere or track your IP address like other bots do.

  4. Features
    There are three license levels:
    • Run Instances
    • Run Restricted
    • Run League
    • Research Science
    • Recruit Commanders
    • Spin Wheel
    • Harvest Satellites
    • Limit He3 or Metal opened to a specific amount
    • Play events inside events tab
    • Intelligent box opening, stops before your max setting
    • Accept or Reject game friend requests
    • Scan Fleets and either replace or just add new ones
    • Run Constellations
    • Run Champs
    • Repair ships in Shipyard
    • Merge Chips
    • Break Truce and Reapply
    • Run Huma
    • Run Space Raids
    • Run RBPs
    • Scan PVP Truce Times
    • Send to Ally when Under Attack
    • Auto Fleet saved setups
  5. Planned NEW Features
    • Run Finals
    • Automatically Balance He3 and Metal
    • Automatically Donate to Corp Daily
    • Wrench all game friends
  6. Cost
    Always a free version, for the other versions head over to the purchase page for the current price and purchase options.